Auden & Company is a digital creative firm that specializes in creating outside the box. 



Navigating the wonders and powers of the digital and social media world, we create unique identities for your brand. We create digital individualities by providing unique brand identities, website design, content creation, & social media management. Auden & Co takes what makes you who you are and creates visual narratives that put your brand outside of the box.


Our philosophy is founded on the basis that we create for you; therefore we create for your growing clientele and audience. We want to see you succeed. We believe that every business, whether just starting or deep into the entrepreneurial journey, deserves a creative sidekick. We at Auden & Company want to be the creative sidekick that your business deserves.




01. Say Hi

You may have a question about a package we offer or the next steps involved. Share your vision with us! Send us a message via our contact page! We are excited to hear about you & your brand.

02. Make it Official

You picked us!? We are so excited to begin this creative journey with you. When you are ready to take your brand outside of the box we will send you over our client contract & an invoice. Each package is broken down into 2 payments over a month,

03. Coffee Date Anyone?

Whether it’s a virtual coffee date (where coffee may be involved) or a coffee date in cute little shop, we want to get know you! What you stand for, the vision of your brand, and the goals & aspirations of your business.

04. Creative Collaboration

Now that the A & Co team knows who you are, we are ready to collaborate with you to take your brand outside of the box! We are in this together; with each client comes a unique partnership.


05. You Are Ready 

To share, to launch, to work outside of the box. We have finished up our creative collaboration! We are so happy to see you flourish! Remember to stay in touch and send us an update on how everything is going!


Hello Everyone, 

My name is Janae and I am the creative architect behind Auden & Company. I wanted to take a brief moment to share with you a few values that I believe in. I believe in creativity. Creativity is something that can be applied across many avenues of life! Every part of your life has the potential to be uplifted with a little creativity! I believe that every business deserves a well-articulated brand that speaks volumes with just a glance!  I believe in  collaboration and seeing your business blossom into its full brand potential! I promise to be the brand stylist, creative director, and business friend you and your business deserves! Thanks for stopping by! 


What Clients Are Saying

Working with Janae has been an extremely rewarding experience. She's hardworking and very professional. Even if you understand your brand she can give you that extra dimension you never knew you was missing. - Brendan Whitt

Janae Bryson is a very patient and caring entreprenuer.  She saw out making thee impossible happen.  She has great ideas and is very creative.  

She planned out a digital advertising plan for me.  Showed me different techniques on how to brand myself and ways how to go about it.  Also what crowds to seekout to built up my brand.  Spent countless time and via a emails,  and phone calls to make sure things were set I motion.  And she still is making sure I'm following her guide

She really do makes her clients feel that they dreams can come true.   Janae really knows what she's doing professionally and I will recommend to keep working with her.- Branford Moton