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Navigating the wonders and powers of the digital and social media world, we create unique identities for your brand. We create digital individualities by providing unique brand identities, website design, content creation, & social media management. Auden & Co takes what makes you who you are and creates visual narratives that put your brand outside of the box.


Our philosophy is founded on the basis that we create for you; therefore we create for your growing clientele and audience. We want to see you succeed. We believe that every business, whether just starting or deep into the entrepreneurial journey, deserves a creative sidekick. We at Auden & Company want to be the creative sidekick that your business deserve.


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To find tips & inspiration, head over to our company blog. At the Desk, follows the Co & me, as we navigate clients, seek inspiration, and share some of the hidden secrets of running a business.

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Janae's creativity, resourcefulness, outside the box thinking, and attention to detail have helped to propel her into her current position as founder and CEO of Auden & Co.

After assisting several small businesses in establishing their websites, brand, and on-line presence, Janae discovered a burgeoning need for cost-effective support to small businesses in these areas.Thus,  Auden & Co. was born.

Janae is committed to accurately, consistently, and cohesively reflecting the vision of her client throughout the virtual world. She makes the effort and takes theextra time necessary to listen to each client and their needs so that she can understand and represent their vision completely. She helps each client to assemble a project plan and to meet their identified goals and deadlines.

As a minority entrepreneur and business woman, Janae has a special interest in helping clients similar to herself take their business to the next level.