From Vision to Reality


Before I had the idea of Auden & Company, I bounced from idea to idea. Should I start a magazine, maybe another blog, something related to beauty, a youtube channel, clothing line? I went back & forth between overthinking & business planning that none of those ideas ever went from paper to reality. I had my own blog for years and I knew that whatever I did next would have to put me immersed in the digital world.

Around this time, I was in the place that all young adults face, whatever shall I do with my life? Feeling discouraged due to the fact that no idea went from paper to reality, I started job hunting. I was being really picky about what I would apply to, only jobs that had a doorway into marketing or the digital landscape in any way. 

I had applied to become an intern for a small beauty company. When I interviewed the founders they expressed that they wanted to bring the company into the age of social media, completely rebrand their entire company, and that had creative freedom!

I approached them as if they were my client. I had no established business at this time. I knew what I wanted to do and an opportunity was presented to me to take my idea from paper to reality. I dived in right away doing research, wrote down every idea, sketched what came to mind, and constantly looked for inspiration. I was so infatuated with what I was doing that I started really thinking about what if this was my daily life? What if I took this to next level? Could this be a feasible business? Answering yes to all of the above, I started slowly working towards legitimizing Auden & Company!