Mili Oils

Mili Oils Brand Board created by Auden & Company 

Mili Oils Brand Board created by Auden & Company 

Our creative collaboration began with...

We began our creative collaboration with Mili Oils, a little over a year ago. We worked together to create a brand identity and website for Mili. We are so ecstatic to see their brand come to life with everything they envisioned. 

Before we get into the details of our collaboration with Mili Oils, here is what they do. Mili Oils is an organic health and beauty company that have created a line of oils that are simple yet effective. 

When we began, the founders wanted to communicate an organic yet simplistic look for their brand. 

Here is how we communicated organic yet simplistic visually: 

1. The Color Palette : We used colors that are found in nature which helped communicate organic. While using only 4 colors helped communicate simplicity.
2. Stock Photos : We looked for stock photos that were similar to the lemongrass blade. We wanted to visually communicate their signature scent which is lemongrass. 

3. The Site: As for the site, Mili Oils wanted to it to be simple with just the bare minimum. We thought by making the site simple we could continue to communicate that Mili Oils is a brand that uses only simple ingredients. 

Here are some of the non-visual details we helped Mili Oils with. 

Brand Story | Brand identity

We helped Mili Oils decide eaxctly what direction they wanted to take their brand in! Here is one way we helped them establish their brand. 

Originally, their brand story was based on Russian scientist we refocused their story to be about their ingredients and how important a simple formulation is to the chemistry of the skin. 

Website Copy

We wrote the entire copy for their website! Including their story, descriptions, product callouts, and etc. Here is an example of our copy process. 

We generated a list of keywords and developed descriptions for their products. Each description focused on what each product did in the simplest way possible!  

Website of Mili Oils 

Website of Mili Oils 

We had a blast working with Mili Oils and all the wonderful creatives who have contributed to this project! You can check out their site

Create Outside the Box, 

The Auden & Co Team