Self Care Magic w. Brittany Bucey


Hello, everyone! I am Brittany Bucey & I will be co-hosting your upcoming SelfCareMagic! Thank everyone for joining up for our #SelfCareMagic series! I was absolutely ecstatic when Janae reached out to me about collaborating.

They say “we teach best what we need to work on” so teaching others to understand they all need to heal and the importance of taking care of yourself is something I'm absolutely passionate about.

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Who I am/what I do.

  • Holistic Nutritionist/Health Coach

  • Yoga instructor

  • Wellness & Food Blogger

  • 24 years young

  • Student in life & Teacher of Love

  • Vegan

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I teach Kundalini, Ashtanga, and Yin Yoga (Kundalini is uniting Mind-Body-Spirit, Ashtanga is a free flow of yoga emphasizing the physical aspects of yoga, it’s where I like to have fun and let my personal interests and personality come out and encourage other to as well, and Yin is a focus on the re-setting and aligning the physical body. Slow, mindful movements )

Many people like to call me a “healer” because I do work with others on healing the gaps between mind/body/spirit.

Over the years I have learned (from experience) that no one can heal you. Only YOU can heal you.

I am a facilitator for healing, I hold the space for people to heal themselves.

*Think about it like this: You have a cup, which is full of juice, but you are trying to fill the cup with water yet you are unable to pour out the juice because you have no space for it. I am a sink, where you are able to pour your juice out so that you have room to fill your cup with water. You can either slowly fill the cup with water, and the juice slowly starts to come out as the cup begins to overflow into the sink and eventually all the juice will be pushed out. Or you can pour all the juice out into the sink before you fill it with water.*

The sink does not take the cup and empty it, but it is the space that is made available so your cup can become empty/clean, allowing it to be filled with water.

My entire “purpose” in life is keeping a balanced body & teaching others to balance themselves.

What is Holistic Health

  • Holistic health is an integrated approach to healthcare.

  • It treats the WHOLE person, rather than just symptoms of an illness.

  • It’s an understand that mind & body are inseparable and are treated as such.

  • For example if someone is diagnosed with an illness, holistic health practitioners will  evaluate your entire lifestyle and how you interact with your environment.

  • Holistic Health is about healing and creating a lasting change.

  • It’s not taking a pill and learning to live WITH and illness. It is about understanding why these issues arise, what part of your lifestyle is causing the issue, and moving into better habits to treat the issue and then prevent it and others from arising.

Stay Magical,