Too Good Eats Launch

Hey, everyone! Today I wanted to come to you and share the launch of Too Good Eats! If you want to get Inside The Brand, keep on reading!

Before I get into all the details of our collaborative awesomeness, let me tell you about who Too Good Eats is as a brand! Too Good Eats is an all natural food company that makes truly delicious baby food blends & 100% fruit & veggie popsicles! Their mission is to deliver good wholesome food that is made with integrity from their family to yours! The best part of it all is that their products are truly delicious & are great for the whole family!


Here are a few things that I just love about Too Good Eats!

  1. Each of their products are made with naturally organic ingredients and are made in small batches to ensure that flavor stays powerful.

  2. Their recipes are tailored to perfection!

  3. They are a social conscious business! For every subscription box purchased, a box will be given to a mom in need.

  4. This a family business that takes pride in what they put into their bodies & want to help families achieve that same level of healthiness!


Now done to the nitty gritty fun details of their brand!

Our collaboration started with a new logo & a package design! The main goal behind their new look was to create a design that would really showcase the natural & kid friendly essence that embodied their story! So that is all the storybook creatures manifested! What better way to say we are NATURALLY ORGANIC, We care about ingredients, We want to help you LIVE TOO GOOD then little nature creatures.

And then....

After we finished the design process we moved over to the site design! Guys this was such a fun site design! My focus for the site was to display the colorfulness of the packaging! Your site is your first impression! I used bright colors & colors that had a fun contrast! 

While most sites focus on the imagery of the products, I decided to focus on the package elements as the center focus! You’ll see a lot of fruit & a lot of their animals make an appearance! Also clouds! Lots of clouds! Why well because I trusted my but & clouds were the touch we needed!

The best part of this project was talking to the Too Good family & making their vision come true! What do you think!? Make sure to head over to !!!