Rosey April + A Sincerely Janae Letter


Welcome April! Welcome Spring! Welcome 2nd Quarter! 

Inspired by blush & rose! Normally I shy away from shades of pink. I always have since I was young. Maybe it was the girly nature that clung to pink like a plague. Maybe it was my love for all shades of blue. Whatever it may have been as of today, I have a new found admiration for blush + rose. Inspired by Jasmine Dowling's beautiful collections & Insta-stories. I believe we all have a muse in many parts of our lives. Jasmine's design absolutely makes me want to brew some coffee, put on some laid back music, & design, design, design!!!! A lot of her prints are featured above in the mood board. I also love her bright photography style! She keeps me inspired and I have much apperciation for that! 

A new quarter means a semi-new beginning. Well maybe not a new beginning but reworking the plan for Auden & Co. Small changes are essential for the growth of a business. Tweaking as you go, throwing away what doesn't work, and replacing it with a new method shows the ability to change. As we know change is an inevitable force that you have to take in with open arms. 

We started off slow and steady. The primary focus was to find our footing as a new business and apply our processes to real-life clients. We accomplished that goal! Now we are moving faster & tweaking! 

To give you an idea of what is changing for Auden & Co. Originally, I (Janae) had decided that I wanted to create Auden & Company into its' own personality! While I operate behind the scenes. Now I am showing more of myself as a representation of Auden & Company. I am my brand! So I will be front & center! I wanted to share more of the personal journey behind entrepreneurship, especially in light of being a solopreneur!