Do you work with any other website hosting platforms besides Squarespace?

As of right now we prefer to work with only Squarespace as the platform of choice. Due to Squarespace's easy to use dashboard, we believe that the process of transferring the creative reigns back to you (the client), is much simplier. Plus squarespace has some pretty nifty built in features that WE just love. 

Are you currently booking new clients? 

YES! We always room for a new client! Head to our services and send us an email! 

How was the name Auden & Company created?

Once upon a time... Janae was sitting (Just kidding). Auden & Company was dreamt up when Janae was struggling to come up with a name after months & months of trying but never actually falling in love with any of them. Janae had one requirement for the name and that was no matter what it turned out to be, the name had to have room for growth. She started thinking of all the names she had fell in love with over the years. While she was in the car the name Auden popped into her head. Remembering "Auden" from  "Along for the Ride" a Sarah Dessen novel she read as a teen, Janae had finally fell in love with a name. Auden & Company was born. 

How do I find your prices?

You have to inquiry about a package or what you are looking for & we will give you a quote! 

Does A & Co offer package combinations?

Yes we do! Our services were curated to be complimentary to one another! So if you need a website designed but dont have the content to match add content creation to your web design package!

 Let us know what you are looking for & together we can create a package just for you>?

How do I book your services?

In order to book our services, you have to inquiry through our service page. Once you have inquired we can set a coffee date (real or virtual) & discuss your project ins & outs. if you like what you hear we will send you over an invoice! Just like that you have booked A & CO! 

Any advice for aspiring girl bosses?

Yes! Just go for it! It is scary to dive into the unknown but what you accomplish after taking that leap is so rewarding! For more inspiration you can head over to At the Desk (A & CO's blog)