Work With Auden & Company

At Auden & Co we have crafted four unique services that will help your business flourish in the vitural world. Each service is curated to be complimentary to one another! 


Let us help build a strong brand identity for your business. Branding is the many ways you visually communicate your mission, values, and vision to consistently attract your ideal customer. We will dig deep into the values of your business and help you visually and strategically communicate them.

Brand Discovery is where Auden & Co will help you build a solid foundation for your business. By exploring questions as to who your customer is, what your customer needs, and what your customer does, we will be able to find the right brand message for you!

Brand Identity is for you if...

You are ready to put a strong brand behind a brilliant idea

You are ready to find what makes you unique & market your business

You are ready to connect with your potential audience


- A meeting or coffee date to discuss your vision

- Detailed questionnaires that outlines your brand, client, audience, & overall experience  


- Brand Discovery

- Brand Story

- Brand Message & Voice

- Tagline Development

- Audience Persona


- A Brand Strategy Guide

Prices Start at $525

Auden & Company will work together to brainstorm ideas for your social media, blog, email marketing, & visual campaigns. Our goal is to help you create unique content that delivers a remarkable user experience!

During our brainstorming sessions we will use creative measures to bring out the best of your ideas! We will help you translate your ideas into visual representations by providing you with themes, templates, and guidelines for consistent content marketing.  

Content Creation is for you if....

You want to grow & engage with your audience through content marketing

You have a strong brand & direction established for your business

You know who you want to target through social media 


- A Detailed Questionnaire

- A meeting or coffee date to brainstorm your dream content

- A personalized content inspiration board


- Social media content

- Blog Content

- Email Marketing Content

- Visual Campaign Content


- Two templates for each social media platform you are on

- Content Themes

- 2 visual campaigns

Prices Start at $425

The goal is to make a statement and attract the clients and audience your business deserve. Auden & Company will design a complete desktop & mobile website design, blog design, and E-Commerce through SquareSpace.

Starting with what story you would like to convey through your website and ending with a beautiful website, together we will work to bring your vision outside of the box. 

At the end of our creative collaboration you will have a beautiful website on an easy to use platform! 

Web Design is for you if...

You are ready for a site that matches the quality of your business

You are ready to make an unforgettable first impression with your site design

You have a clear vision for your business


- A meeting or coffee date

- A detailed questionnaire that outlines your goals & vision for your site

- An inspiration board


- A complete desktop & mobile website design, blog design, and E-Commerce through SquareSpace.

- Search Engine Optimization


- A website guide

Prices Start at $625



Need a helping hand managing your various social media accounts? Auden & Company can help you manage the day to day posting of each of your accounts.

The key to developing an online presence is through consistency! So let us help!


Social Media Management is for you if...

You are looking to reach a larger audience via social media

You need help maintaining a consistent posting schedule

You have great content but have no time to regularly post


- A Meeting or Coffee Date

- A brief questionnaire 

- An audit of your social media platforms


- Social Media Posting based on your goals, who you want to reach, & the platforms your business are currently on


- A posting schedule

- A hashtag guide 

Prices Start at $325/month